Kayak Fishing Unlimited

This online magazine is about kayak fishing as it should be: No back pain, no leg pain, no discomfort, no wetness, no limitations on where to launch, paddle, fish and beach. No limitations on how much gear you can carry on board, no limitations on  how far you can travel, no problems with motorboats’ wakes, wind… No restrictions on on what positions you can sit in, no problem standing up anywhere, anytime, and feeling comfortable, confident, and safe.

This is not a dream, and not marketing hype. It’s an everyday reality for a growing number of anglers who chose the right kayak out of a huge number of brands and models, most of which are basically a repetition of the same, failed concepts of the sit-in, sit-on-top, and hybrid fishing kayak, whether, paddled, pedaled, or propelled by an electric trolling motor.

This sounds too good to be true, of course, or simply like a summary of all failed promises ever made by kayak vendors. But it’s a fact, and you’re welcome to learn more about on this site, or visit the website of Wavewalk, the company that produces the unique fishing kayaks enabling all these things, and some more.

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