New Approach To Motorizing Fishing Kayaks

Wavewalk launched a new section on their website, dedicated to Motorized Kayaks, and by “motorized” we don’t mean just electric trolling motors that offer a limited range of operation and limited speed, but the real thing: outboard gas engines.
Among other topics, this new Motorized Kayaks section promises to cover the following:
Why motorize your kayak, and do you really need a motor on board?

What type of solution would best fit your kayak motorizing needs – an electric trolling motor, or an outboard gas engine?
How to motorize your W kayak on a budget, and recommended practices to follow in a kayak motorizing project.

New Distributor For Wavewalk Fishing Kayaks In New Zealand

New Distributor For Wavewalk Fishing Kayaks In New Zealand

Dennis Hodgetts is an avid offshore kayak fisherman who’s been looking for a good kayak to fish from for many years. After having discovered the W500, Dennis decided he’d import these kayaks to New Zealand, and distribute them locally, for the benefit of his fellow kayak anglers.
Dennis’ website offers local trip reports and pictures.
Dennis’ kayak business is called Wavewalk New Zealand.

Fisging Kayaks in South Korea!

New Distributor for W Fishing Kayaks in South Korea

South Korean anglers can now enjoy the comfort of fishing from a W kayak, instead of the old fashion, inadequate sit-on-top and sit-in fishing kayaks.
Sungjin Kim, the distributor of W fishing kayaks in South Korea has created a powerful web presence through a highly dynamic and informative website. He named his business Wavewalk Korea.

New Article: Paddle VS. Pedal Drive in Common Fishing Kayaks

This article examines pedal drive propulsion for common (mono hull, sit-in and SOT) kayaks from several technical angles, which are: Ergonomics – How does it feel to operate a pedal driven kayak, and what are the potential physiological drawbacks in this type of propulsion. Mechanics -How efficient are pedal drives’ pedaling systems. Hydrodynamics -How efficient are pedal drives’ propellers, and how effective is pedaling kayaks compared to paddling them. Real World Performance – How effective are pedal driven kayaks in applications such as fishing trips, stand up fishing, fishing in moving water, fishing in shallow water, launching, beaching, etc.