Zeepty – The Kayak Fishing Video Channel on YouTube

The Zeepty Channel on YouTube is quite a phenomenon. It features over 130 kayak fishing related movies, and since it was founded it has already had over 750,000 views, of which over 280,000 in 2011. The videos feature mainly Wavewalk’s fishing kayaks of the now discontinued W300 series, and a bunch of movies featuring kayaks from the new W500 series.
You can spend literally hours on the Zeepty, and enjoy watching these fun videos.

Kayak Fishing 101 – New Online Magazine For New Kayak Anglers

Kayak Fishing 101 – New Online Magazine For Kayak Anglers

This new blog named Kayak Fishing 101 is about helping people decide whether kayak fishing is good for them, helping inexperienced and hesitating anglers choose the best kayak for themselves and for the type of fishing they’d like to practice, and helping kayak anglers with tips and advice on safety, rigging, fishing, tackle and every aspect of of the sport.

New Approach To Motorizing Fishing Kayaks

Wavewalk launched a new section on their website, dedicated to Motorized Kayaks, and by “motorized” we don’t mean just electric trolling motors that offer a limited range of operation and limited speed, but the real thing: outboard gas engines.
Among other topics, this new Motorized Kayaks section promises to cover the following:
Why motorize your kayak, and do you really need a motor on board?

What type of solution would best fit your kayak motorizing needs – an electric trolling motor, or an outboard gas engine?
How to motorize your W kayak on a budget, and recommended practices to follow in a kayak motorizing project.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=439ZQaJX6t4?rel=0&w=640&h=360]