First Review Of W500 Fishing Kayak in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Richie Peel is the founder of  FishEmirates, a website about fishing in the United Arab Emirates and Oman, in the Persian Gulf.
Here is his ‘first impression’ review of his new W500 fishing kayak:

Just thought I’d update you.
Took the W’walk out for its maiden voyage this weekend.
It’s quite a different ride to any other kayak I’ve owned, and I’ve owned quite a few – [list of 4 SOT fishing kayak brands, including a push pedal driven one]
It’s a good and comfortable casting platform, which is just what I wanted.
Tons of storage space, very handy, and really easy to load on the car solo, far easier than other kayaks. The flex in the hull feels a little unusual in the beginning, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.
So, a happy customer after all the dramas of the last few months.
Oh, and I smashed the fish – queenfish and trevallies – up to 10 lbs. The larger ones tow the boat which is fun and shows how streamlined it is. Unfortunately all taken on poppers, as I had left the fly rod at home – it was just a test day, but I couldn’t help chucking a light spinning rod on the boat!
I was out solo but will try and mail you a few pics next time, though the season is almost over as summer is here – it’s 105 Fahrenheit today, and has been for a week. Ouch!

This review was first published on Wavewalk’s fishing kayaks blog >>

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