Don Rainey, Kayak Angler, Northern California

California kayak fisherman showing trouts he caught
kayak fisherman from California showing two trouts

Don owns a W300 fishing kayak:

-“I fished for 8 years in an [Brand, Model]. The “L” sitting position and it’s effect on my back is what finished standard kayaking for me… One day I beached the bow of that 16 footer and was still about 10-12 feet out in the water where I was sitting. I discovered I couldn’t move my legs. Getting out of that thing without causing all kinds of laughter from spectators was one of my greatest physical accomplishments.
I was sure I’d avoid those scenarios with the”W”, and I could hardly wait to find out all the wonderful differences.
First of all, let me say that I really loved it from first sight! That said, I was surprised at how different the whole experience is from when I fished from my [Brand, Model].
I guess I was over confident the first time I launched, and the Wavewalk seemed tippier than I had expected. When I leaned to either side or twist to reach aft or reach forward to grab a rod, the boat lurched much more than I had expected. But it was just a learning curve on a new technique, and I didn’t try to stand in it yet the first time..LOL.
After that I had it out a number of times and had a great day of trout fishing on Pinecrest Lake which brought lot’s of smiles to my face. I was sure I was going to completely master it soon.
I loved the boat…just frustrated ’cause some weekends were too cold to go. I have a favorite lake about 24 miles from my house, so I usually get a lot of time. I fished Thanksgiving Weekend on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday.
I get a lot of conversation from folks who are intrigued about the unusual configuration of the “W” and have referred lot’s of folks to Wavewalk’s web site.”

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