Jesse Hamilton, Kayak Angler, San Diego, California

Dog on Jesse's fishing kayak
spotfin croaker, sand bass and other fish caught by Jesse in his fishing kayak
DIY transom mount for electric trolling motor of fishing kayak
DIY wheel for rigged fishing kayak

Jesse got his W300 fishing kayak in January. He fishes mainly in the ocean near San Diego, in the harbor and in the lagoon. He likes to paddle his W300 standing up, and fish standing as well. Here is a collection of fish Jesse caught on another good day, including (top) a sand bass and (bottom) another 6 lbs spotfin croaker. Jesse also likes to fish for halibut. His favorite lures are Berkley Gulp Alive, and he recommends smearing the lures with Uni Butter (sea-urchin flavored butter) that attracts fish better than anything, both in saltwater and freshwater.
Jesse mounted a trolling motor on his W300, and he says he gets to speeds up to 10 mph with it.

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