W500 Fishing Kayak Story, By George Brewster, Northern California

After doing much research as I looked for a stand up kayak for fishing, my search led me to the WaveWalk site. After reading all about this kayak and watching almost all of the videos on the site, this seemed just the right one for me. So I ordered it and waited like a kid at Christmas time in anticipation for its arrival.
Well the day came and while at work my wife calls and wanted me to guess what has just arrived. Knowing it was my new yak I could not wait for this work day to end. Once home I went directly to the garage to see the new yak and it was as my 7 yr old daughter put it “Awesome”. Seeing as we were heading on vacation in about 10 days there was one day available for me to get it on the water and try her out.
The Saturday for the outing could not have come fast enough and after getting her all loaded it was off to the lake. Some pics are attached of me arriving at the lake, docked before taking off, and one looking across towards the dam while out on the water.

Northern California lakeMy W500 performed great and I loved the stability, look, feel, and how comfortable it was to paddle around in it. Being able to stand while throwing a spinnerbait, rip bait, and jig with the feeling and confidence I was not going to tip over was comforting. As for the fishing I blanked but it was still a good time getting used to my new yak.

fishing kayak attached to dockMy second trip was this past weekend to another northern California lake called Lake Oroville with a fellow friend/co-worker who was already yak fishing with a SOT yak. We arrived Friday night at the cabin, ate some dinner, and got ready for the next day of fishing. After rigging our rods I showed him the art of dropshotting before calling it a night. Waking to the smell of bacon and eggs I knew breakfast was in order. Once done we loaded my yak on top of his then our gear and headed off for the lake.
Shortly after we arrived, prepped for launching and soon after we were on the water.
First I tried a spinnerbait around some sunken trees with no takers and the same result with my rip bait. Next we started to dropshot and we were getting bites right away. Unfortunately it was some little trout but it was still a fish. A short while later we go around a point and in the back of this cove were some trees coming out about 50ft towards the center of the cove. So I stayed out about 10-20ft past them and lowered down my dropshot bait and after it hit bottom I went to shake the rod tip and felt weight at the end. Slowly lifting I realized there was a fish on the other end and started reeling as I lifted the rod tip to set the hook. WooHoo! Fish on and the fight began as I did my best to bring the scrapper boat side. Once I got him to the surface I could see it was a nice spotted bass that could possibly go 2lbs. After lipping him and getting him inside the yak all I could think of was how good it felt to be back on the water again (ex bass boat owner – pre kids). We ended up with about 7 spots and all were in the 2-3lb range. Also throw in a nice smallie and we called it a good day.
I’m sorry for the lack of photos as my phone died the night before and I left it behind to charge.
So far my adventures with my W500 have been a blast and I can’t wait for the next one.
Take care! And maybe I’ll see you out on the water.
George – Northern CA

car top fishing kayak, N. California

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