New Fishing Kayak Dealership in Ontario

Boyd Smith discovered the benefits that W kayaks offer, and he decided he wanted to import them to Canada, and sell them in Hamilton, Ontario.
Boyd founded Ontario Fishing Kayaks, and he offers anglers looking to downsize from big motorboats, or quit fishing from conventional fishing kayaks to take a W kayak for a test ride, or a fishing trip. When they do so, these Canadian anglers could experience the unrivaled stability, dryness, comfort and ease of use that are synonym to W fishing kayaks: No more wet butt, yak back, or leg numbness.

So far, kayak fishing hasn’t appealed that much to Canadian anglers, because they fish in cold water and weather, and this is a good reason for wanting to be stable, dry, and protected from the cold wind and elements. Needles to say that conventional sit-in, hybrid  and sit-on-top (SOT) fishing kayaks don’t deliver anything close to being acceptable when these basic requirements are taken into consideration, and they don’t offer stand up paddling confidently when you’re sight fishing, and fly fishing.
Anglers who fish from W kayaks know they are different, and they fit cold climates as big, motorized fishing boats do.

Those who want to enjoy both paddling and motorized boating can rig their W fishing kayak with an outboard gas engine, and thus be on par with those who fish from bigger motorboats. Learn more about motorized fishing kayaks >>


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