Florida & Southeast

Florida and the southeastern states is the region that has more kayak anglers and kayak fishing clubs than anywhere else in the world. The combination of rivers, lakes, marshes, estuaries and a very long coastline, together with a warm climate created the perfect conditions for kayak fishing to evolve.

Kayak Fishing Trip Report and Kayak Review, Tennessee

Kayak Fishing Trips in Florida

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Fishing Kayak Review, North Carolina

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Jeff picking redfish in his W500 fishing kayak, Florida

Jeff standing in his fishing kayak, and rescuing a lure from a tree!

Jeff’s 16 Inch Trout, Caught in his Fishing Kayak, Florida

Jeff’s First Time Out in His W500 Super Fishing Kayak – Movie

Jerry Kushner, 80 Year W300 Kentucky Kayak Angler Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

John Brown’s Fully Rigged W300 Fishing Kayak – Alabama

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