Ed Wheeler Catches a 27″ Redfish at the FCKA Kayak Fishing Tournament, Florida

Ed is a 70 year old, retired businessman from Florida, who wanted to fish from a kayak.

He tried various types of fishing kayaks – both paddle and pedal propelled, only to find that fishing from them was practically impossible for him, because they were too uncomfortable.

So naturally, Ed became interested in our W kayaks, but since he got burned before, he wanted to test one before ordering.

Our friend Jeff McGovern let Ed test his W500 fishing kayak, and Ed ordered one, only to find that he loved kayak fishing, and was having a great time, even after spending many hours in long kayak fishing trips.

When Ed heard about the FCKA kayak fishing tournament in Western Florida, he invited Jeff to join him, and they both participated in it.

Ed showing the 27" redfish he caught at the FCKA kayak fishing tournament, Florida
Ed showing this beautiful, 27 inch redfish he caught during a long day, when he competed in the FCKA kayak fishing tournament. Behind Ed, his yellow W500 fishing kayak, rigged in a somehow traditional way, that is with a milk crate in the back. Ed likes to take a lot of gear with him on his fishing trips.

Photo:Jeff McGovern

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