Fishing Kayak Review, North Carolina

-”I think the boat and I need a little more time in the water to be fair with a full review.
I am enjoying my W500 and I am more comfortable each trip. I am going to try standing as soon as the water warms up some. I have caught a few fish out of it, I have mounted a plexiglas dash in it that holds two tackle boxes and my front mounted rod holders. I also added a clip in kayak seat back that works great. I put together a cart using two large trash can wheels.
I tried it in some current last week which did not work as well as I had hoped but I think I will learn to handle it much better with time. Next week I am going to take it to a place with a little less current and more room to maneuver. All in all it is working out great with no problems from the equipment.”
Darrell Beam, North Carolina”
Darrel showing large mouth bass caught in his fishing kayak, North Carolina
Fishing kayak dash rigged with 3 deck mounted rod holders, NC

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