Jeff’s First Time Out in His W500 Super Fishing Kayak – Movie

The boat is one you can sit and in an just wonder, “wow, what would happen if I did this” then just fill in the crazy stunt you are about to try. Chances are afterward you would still be dry and still in the W500. When I tried the slide to the rear to pin the tail trick I could actually lift the front end out of the water and still was just fine sitting nose in the air. The feel is awesome and for sure the boat can be paddled by almost anyone with no rear learning curve. This boat will change the kayak world for sure. It’s going to be a blast putting time in this one.


Comfort wise the boat allows you to relax more. The extra width is nice around your legs and feet. The other thing is much more movement can be made inside the boat. At one point I was just trying all different positions backwards and forwards, the boat was stable the whole time. Fishability wise this boat should be an improvement, and the 300 was great as it was.. Casting is still like a deck gun if required. I’ll know this one better as I get into some fish more seriously.

As far as venturing out to sea. In this new boat over the 300 for sure. It’s still a design that can take on water but it’s so stable now that concern is less. As far as a surf launch that is tough in anything where you can’t protect you gear. This boat should handle it as well as my old Grumman canoe did, and we never had issues with it. You pick your day and time so that you are not dealing with big rollers and rough surf.

Frankly as a fishing kayak this should be the gold standard compared to the other boats currently called fishing kayaks.

As with any small boat however bringing big fish to the boat has to be done carefully. A big tarpon, shark, sailfish, or any other major gamefish needs to be handled with care. Both W boats insulate the angler to some degree over sit on tops since you don’t have to worry about a big toothy sharp finned creature in your lap. The stability of the 500 should just add the ability of the angler to safely handle big game.


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