Jerry Kushner, 80 Year W300 Kentucky Kayak Angler Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

“I planned to fish some of the fast flowing rivers with my Wavewalk kayak.
After I got it I tried it in my pond, and at first it felt tippy but once I got my balance I found it easy to paddle and maneuver.

Finally, I got to use it in the Gulf of Mexico. I installed a pair of fold up outriggers that I purchased from Paddlers Hideaway (I found them on e-bay).
The first time I took the kayak out the waves in the surf were one to two feet high and even when broadsided by a wave the system was solidly stable.
I felt real secure, and for an almost eighty year old this rig is ideal for fishing offshore.

Jerry Kushner”

This review was first published on Wavewalk’s fishing kayaks blog >>

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