Kevin Poling in Shallow Water in his Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak, Florida

Kevin Eastman’s contribution to the Wavewalk kayak fishing blog has been a noticeable one, and this time he sent a review combining a fascinating trip report with his hallmark of technical innovations:

I finally got to try out the W for what I bought it for. We had flood tides over the weekend and I was anxious to pole the boat around the flooded spartina grass in search of tailing red fish.
I was not disappointed, it performed flawlessly.
Standing is a great advantage since you have a much better vantage point to look for fish. I’ve always stood in my SOT kayak for this type of fishing but had to pay quite a bit of attention to balance while doing so. With this boat, I can concentrate more on looking for fish rather than balance.
I pole the boat around using a long aluminum pool pole with a small paddle attached that I made from a 2X4. The handle on the end works very well since a lot of pressure must be applied at times to get through heavy grass, while also having a paddle function for the deeper creeks you cross. I store it under the seat suspended by bungees. I did most of the standing from the seat level by placing a board across the seat to give a larger more stable platform than the seat. This proved to be much more stable than balancing on the seat alone, but does add to the skill level a bit. The extra height provides a great distance to look for fish. I was rewarded with sighting a number of reds and did manage to trick one with a fly. The others seemed more interested in fiddler crabs and clams than my fly but provided a lot of excitement casting to them.
Kevin's stand up fly fishing kayak, Florida
Red fish caught on a fly, in Kevin's stand up fly fishing kayak, Florida

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