Paul’s Fishing Kayak Review, Mississippi

fishing kayak in Mississippi
First trip straight to the Gulf of Mexico beach near Biloxi, Mississippi.
Practiced in a protected cove for 30 minutes or so, no problems with launching, beaching, and seated paddling (of course I’ve read all the advice and observations of others). Very stable and secure and comfortable. Will need to practice tight radius turning. Then out past the rock jetty into 1 to 2 ft choppy waves. No problems there either, straight on or side on to the waves … with the wind and waves, or against, no big problems. On way back into the cove did a little standup paddling. Was successful but practice will be needed here too for secure fishing and paddling.
Amazingly there were 100s of people at the beach but no other paddlers. Guess they didn’t want to get wet and cold (water still warming up). Not a problem for me.

Next took W500 about 4.5 hrs north of Mississippi coast to a remote wildlife preserve lake filled with cypress trees and logs. Beautiful day. Launched across a pile of floating logs and limbs at the bank and slid right over them without wetting my feet. Did a little fishing with no luck due to muddy water conditions.
Great paddling, will need to decide anchor scheme so I can stay on a promising spot with less trouble in wind or current. Can really see that the W500 is comfortable and fun to paddle, but it’s real strength is allowing the average person to do OTHER things on the water like fish, hunt, explore, wildlife & bird watching, camp, etc. It will be great for river and beach cleanup days that are held in our area, due to its mobility, stability, and payload. A lot of fun and scenic river float trips are in our area too that I look forward to.

Paddled the bayou behind my home for the first time today and was able to have a comfortable standup session of about 30 minutes with no problem. Nice to see what is going on out ahead, fish tailing, birds, etc. Great exercise too.

I’m very satisfied so far.

thanks … Paul

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