Stan’s Amphibious Fishing Kayak, South Carolina

Stan, from South Carolina, created a solution for mounting a balloon wheel (see in between the hulls of his Fishing Kayak, so he can the kayak on land by pushing it like a wheel barrow.

Syas Stan:

-“I wanted to be able to leave it on the kayak permanently and swing it up while on water. My reasoning was-

  1. One wheel allows for better maneuverability than two (there is a reason for wheelbarrow to have one wheel only)
  2. One large wheel is better than 2 smaller ones when going over rough terrain
  3. Finally one wheel is better because of space. It fits nicely between the hulls and can remain attached while on water. The kayak turns into an amphibious vehicle ready to land anywhere.

My idea evolved from John Putnam’s kayak wheel design, and I wanted to improve on it such that I do not have to carry the frame with the wheel. My biggest challenge was how to attach/mount this contraption. I thought it would be best to rivet some pipe clamps to the top surfaces of the hulls.

The only modification needed to this solution is to use longer pipe for the top mount axle (shaft), to keep it from falling out from under the clamps.”

Fishing kayak rigged with a broad, inflatable carrying wheel. Front view

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