Two Seniors Paddling Their Fishing Kayak in Tandem – Kayak Review From North Carolina

Kayak anglers have less power for paddling as they get older, and their sense of balance is usually not as good as it used to be in their younger days. This makes paddling kayaks in tandem more of a challenge for seniors, especially if one member of the crew is prevented from paddling, as is the case described in this short and moving kayak review that was recently published on the W fishing kayaks blog.
The author, an elderly woman from North Carolina, describes in a few sentences how comfortable her W500 kayak feels, and how easy it is to paddle, in tandem, which is considered to be harder than solo, although her husband, the second passenger on board is prevented from taking part in the paddling effort:

“My husband is unable to paddle due to many disabilities. However, I have 2 paddles and when he is along and we want to turn, I holler rudder right or rudder left and he puts his paddle straight down and we can turn “on a dime”.
I enjoy his company and sure, it is extra weight, but I do not feel unstable.
I am getting a little extra workout but that is a benefit in my opinion. I also have the joy of sharing the beautiful environment with the guy I love most and that means so much. As for tandem kayaking, it depends on where you are. On the intracoastal in a mild wind, 8 mph, my friend and I do not need any experience except more muscle in our forearms. The W is very stable and everyone who has been in my W has enjoyed it immensely. Almost 70,”… —

This review was first published on Wavewalk’s fishing kayaks blog >>

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