Kayak Review, By Steve Phillis, Victoria, Australia

Steve Phillis is an enthusiastic kayaker and a beginning sailor from Victoria, Australia. Before he ordered his W500 factory direct, Steve wrote a few words about what made him want to get a W kayak:
-”I am passionate about health and just recently have succumbed to back pain as a result of kayaking.

Here is an brief account from him, which shows ‘stuff happens’ is the rule out there, in the real world, whether you’re paddling, fishing or sailing… –

I.    -”Received kayak and very impressed. I have also purchased Jim’s sail kit, and I love it also. Works well with wavewalk. I will be taking a friend out tomorrow…”

II.    -”People are curious of my new boat. Hit some high winds today sailing (beginner) and the kayak performed beautifully…”

And a couple days later:
III. -”Today a friend of mine tipped the kayak while sailing. It was difficult to right with mast, stabilizers etc… Will need to talk with Jim. I am aware sailing is not the normal… I purchased the whole kit with outriggers etc. Might have been more the operator since I had no issues. I was surprised that it could tip. Glad I know this now than when I’m sailing by myself. Cheers
Steve Phillis”

Sailing a fishing kayak on a lake in Victoria, Australia

There’s a video showing this kayak sailing kit in action – Its sail is quite big, and it can drive the kayak at high speed.  The outriggers that come with this kit are rather small, which requires both good sailing skills and extra cautiousness.
Other sailors who sail their W kayaks put bigger outriggers on them, as seen in these reviews a sailing W kayak from Florida, and a motor sailing kayak with folding outriggers.

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