Maiden Offshore Voyage and Wheels For W500 Fishing Kayak – Ken From Katikati, New Zealand

I went out in the kayak for the first time this morning. The wind appeared to have eased off, so I went out from Beach Road at 8am. High tide was early this morning, so it wasn’t the best time to go, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to try it.
I ended up paddling in the sitting position, and felt quite happy with that, even though the wind got up and I ended up having to paddle into a 500mm chop (20″) and strong head wind..

I shall have to do some fine tuning in how I use it, but the bottom line is that I am thrilled with it, and it will get a lot more use than my [name brand sit-in kayak].

Regards, Ken

Wheels for offshore fishing kayak. New Zealand

Wheels for offshore fishing kayak - Handle detail. New Zealand

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