New Flotation For Fishing Kayak Down Under, By Dennis Hodgetts, New Zealand

My son is 24 and bullet proof, and he goes fishing in huge seas, up to 3 metre surf [about 10 ft… a metre is a meter spelled in non-U.S. English, or about 1.1 yard]. He has repeated this several times.
His biggest issue is that if he took a rogue wave over top when several hundred metres off shore, his W500 could take water in, if he doesn’t use a cockpit cover.
So I decided to experiment with flotation. The photo shows what we came up with.

Flotation for offshore fishing kayaks, New Zealand

I have 6 inch floats. Each has a 2kg [about 4.5 lbs] of buoyancy. I have these in a light alloy tube, so they don’t sag.
We use these in a set of 2. They are detachable so can be replaced with the standard flotation modules for calm sea.
I made up 2 sets – one with six buoys on each tube and one with 12 giving 24ks and 48kgs of buoyancy respectively [roughly 52 lbs and 105 lbs].
We have tried the set with 6 buoys each and the W500 floats about 3 inches higher when full of water.
We have yet to try the 12 buoy set.
Wavewalk New Zealand

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