Paddling My Fishing Kayak With No Back Pain – Review From Victoria, Australia

Steve Phillis lives in Bendingo, a town in Victoria, Australia.
He’s also an avid outdoorsman and kayak paddler, and this is his account of what got brought him to be interested in the W kayak:
-“I am passionate about health and just recently have succumbed to back pain as a result of kayaking.
Kayaking from a traditional kayak caused me considerable pain, and at the end of last year I was out of action for 2 months and spent a lot of money on extensive physiotherapy and even had to take time off from work, not to mention that I could not sit in a car or seat for more than 10 minutes without considerable pain.” Determined to find an alternative, I came across wavewalk fishing kayaks, and purchased one.
Guess what? No back pain. I am wrapped and I have taken up learning to sail using it.

Steve paddling in his fishing kayak on a lake in Victoria, Australia
Steve standing in his fishing kayak on a lake in Victoria, Australia

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