W500 Kayak With Transportation Wheel – Ofer Levy, Sydney, Australia

Ofer Levy lives in Sydney, Australia, and he recently got his W500 kayak:

-I am very happy, as the W500 is exactly what I needed.
It is perfect for my needs. Very stable and easy to maneuver.
Since I am using W 500 for photography, and I carry around 20 grand worth of equipment, I need it to be very stable and safe. I am using it in lakes and in calm sea, and in very shallow water at times. Looks great and I love it!
I am hoping to take my wife and 4 years old son on the kayak on weekends.
I am planning to mount a serious electric motor on it.
Sometimes I need to transport the W500 over long distances as I have to access remote locations for bird photography. Attached are photos of the transport system I have made. It’s a modification of John Putnam’s kayak wheel setup. Very simple, easy to make and works like a dream!


Kayak rigged with wheel for easy transportationKayak wheel attachmentWheel for kayakKayak transportation wheel

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