Texas & OK

With a long coastline, huge stretches of flats, and plenty of freshwater, Texas and the Southeast are a great place for kayak fishing. Here is a list of pages on this magazine that are related to this region:

Texas Kayak Fly Fisherman: If I Can Do It, Anyone Can!

Great Kayak Fishing Trip report, and Movie, by Jesse Martinez, Texas

Memorial Day Excursion – Kayak Fishing Trip From The Texas Coast

Motorized Fishing Kayak Review, By Noel Mascarenhas, Texas

Ray’s Maiden Voyage in His New W500 Fishing Kayak That He Rigged With a Detachable Wheel, Texas

Robert Fisher’s W500 Fishing Kayak Review – Texas

Review of W300 Fishing Kayak, By A Texas Kayak Fisherman

Oklahoma Angler Loves his Fishing Kayak

Texas Angler’s DIY Kayak Rigging

Texan Kayak Fisherman Snatches up Two Bass on Same Lure

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