Memorial Day Excursion – Kayak Fishing Trip From The Texas Coast

The voyage began at Seadrift, Texas, the best kept fishing secret in Texas. Seadrift is the home of the Saltwater Cowgirl and Reel Time Lodge to name a few of our favorite establishments. I was actually a little overwhelmed as the mother ship, piloted by Captain Russel Cady along with Captain Jeff and Captain Joey, met us at Goose Island. These three Captains at heart are commercial shrimpers that total over a 120 years of experience between the three. Fishing and shrimping is a hard life, though a good life, definitely the heartbeat of this small community of Seadrift, Texas. This community knows the bays, good and bad, and I dedicate this blog to the Cady family members and others that have not returned home from these bays.

The two W500 s set on top of the mother ship and was an awesome site to see while beginning our voyage to Mesquite Bay. Fifteen set sail for an unchartered voyage.
two fishing kayaks loaded on pickup truck before the trip
The yaks are ready for the trip…

Motorboat with two fishing kayaks loaded on board
Mothership carrying anglers and yaks on board

Our camp, Camp Oklahoma, in honor of our friends that joined us from the Sooner State, was established on a uninhabited island. Tents were set and facilities were built to afford us a resemblance of an established community with amenities. Fifteen of us camped for three days and nights.

Kayak anglers in their camp, Texas, June 2011Texas and Oklahoma campers

My wife, Valerie, enjoyed a day on the bay fishing for red fish and at one time I looked up and she had laid down on the W500, feet propped in the air and was taking a nap!!! When she awoke, she heard red fish jumping all around, cast her rod with a gold spoon and snagged a sweet little red, she was able to net him and put him on a stringer, all the while feeling very steady in the W500.

Valerie showing a redfish she caught fishing out of her kayak, TX 06-2011Nice redfish!

Captain Joey’s son, Trey, the youngest of our group demonstrated the speed and maneuverability of the W500 when he skimmed along the grassy lands in search of red fish. Captain Jeff is 6’3″ and over 200 lbs demonstrated the stability and agility possible while fishing for reds. His wife Cheryl was with him navigating the waterways while he was casting.

Tandem stand up fishing kayak in cation, Texas 06-2011Tandem stand up kayak crew sight fishing

tandem fishing kayak crew showing their catch, TX 06-2011Something for dinner…

We started paddling at sun up and continued until sun down, with little land time for the W500, they were a most enjoyable add to our trip.

Paddling stand up fishing kayak, TX June 2011

Sight fishing around the island

The wind blew hard at times, but the two W500 handled well, we caught reds, trout, flounder and a few mosquitoes. A trip and an experience of a lifetime!

Jerry and Valerie Hudgens


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