Robert Fisher’s W500 Fishing Kayak Review – Texas

Robert Fisher is a kayak fisherman from Texas who bought his first W kayak in 2007 – It was a W300 model in today’s terms. A few weeks ago Robert ordered a second fishing kayak for himself, and this time it was a W500. Here is what Robert wrote us:

-”I have had my new W500 kayak out 4 times. The first time was just to see if there was a difference from the older Wavewalk, the next three times it was used to go fishing.”

Robert and his two green fishing kayaks

-”The new W kayak seems to move through the water easier at higher speeds and in a straight line than the old one, it is more stable and easier to stand up in. The extra room is a welcome advantage.

I am 66 years old and am retired, so I use it to go fishing in 2 to 3 times per week.

The only negative I have found is it’s turning radius is larger than the old Wavewalk, this is probably due to the extra length of the W500, but I think with a little more use, that will become unimportant.

It is my opinion that more seniors should look at the W kayak as a source of exercise and entertainment. It is a great source of recreation.

Robert Fisher”

2007 and 2009 fishing kayaks side by side
-”I am enjoying both of the W kayaks, but I really do prefer the W500. I am taking the W300 to Indiana to leave with my son for my use while I am vacationing there.”

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