Small Mouth Bass Fishing on the Connecticut River

July has been a slow month for me.
I was wading the Ct River for some awesome Small Mouth Bass fishing, and was rewarded with some fine Bass.
The only problem with fishing the river is slippery bottoms, especially around the ledges. I lost my footing after a long morning of wading, slipped off a boulder, and wedged my left ankle in between two rocks…
I didn’t break anything, I don’t bounce like I used to. But I had some bad cuts from the rocks’ sharp edges…. and the car was three miles down river…
I walked back, went to the ER, and they cleaned up my cuts, but the 4 1/2 lb Small Mouth Bass I caught before the fall, made the whole trip worth it.

I didn’t get back out till just last week, I was going stir crazy with no fishing since the 3rd of July.

Here are some pictures from the wading to the old yellow W300 fishing kayak pond hopping, and from a fishing trip with my buddy to Congamond Lake in Massachusetts.

The Battles were fast and furious, Med/Hvy rod with 40lb Fireline braid made quick work pulling the bass out of the lilies and weeds.


large mouth bass caught in old fishing kayak

Connecticut Kayak Fishing With Some Friends

A couple days ago I convened with a few friends at Sunrise Park in Suffield Connecticut for some little paddling and fishing.

My friends had been on a hiatus from fishing for over 30 years, and had never laid eyes on a W Fishing Kayak before.

So I brought all three of mine, the W300, and our 2 W500’s.

Martha couldn’t wait to try it, at 60 years young, she was unsure, that is until she stepped in the W500 without getting wet.

She sat and listened as I told her to throw out everything she knew about traditional yaks, and use her feet and hips for balance.

Well, she never felt tippy or uncomfortable, next thing you know she is paddling the W500 like she has been in it all her life.

Martha had cast the yum dinger in front of a fallen tree, when her line took off, and she got towed into the tree.

I paddled over to give her a hand, she said “The fish came off in the tree, and now I’m stuck”

I started to pull the line while she was holding her pole, and yep, a broken branch comes out from under the tree, Then I feel a tug…….

the Bass was still on, I reach down and pulled up a nice Big Large Mouth Bass.

She was a very Happy Yaker.

Many fish were caught this day, and she couldn’t believe she had been in the W500 3 hours with no problems of back or leg pain.

In fact, she even tried standing and was amazed at how easy it was.

And when it came time to end the trip, she couldn’t believe how easy it was to Walk out of the W500 onto dry land without getting wet.

I included a couple of pictures of our wonderful day……..

Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.


Martha standing in her fishing kayak

Martha showing a big large mouth bass she caught in her kayak.jpg

kayak angler fishing standing in kayak.jpg