Ohio and Pennsylvania on the Kayak Fishing Map

It often happens that a kayak angler who’s interested in seeing a W fishing kayak before buying one is prevented from doing so, because there’s no local dealer for Wavewalk anywhere nearby.
Until recently, these advanced fishing kayaks nicknamed W were sold by Wavewalk only factory direct. Since then the company has begun recruiting local dealers, and interestingly, they sell only the W brand.
Wavewalk has dealers neither in Ohio nor in Pennsylvania, yet. However, starting now, it makes the W fishing kayak available for anglers to see before they buy in two new locations:
The W500 is available for people to see in Kent, Ohio, not very far from Akron, in the northeastern part of the state.
In Pennsylvania, the W500 is on display in New Berlin, in the central part of the state.

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Kayak Fishing In The Midwest – A Breakthrough

So far, Midwestern anglers have been reluctant to adopt kayaks as a fishing platform. The reasons for this are many, and they all seem to come down to one word – COLD.
Yes, the climate in the Midwest is not as warm and nice as it is in the southern states, where kayak fishing is the most popular, and sit-in, SOT and hybrid kayaks don’t offer much to protect their passengers from capsizing, or from cold weather and water.
But kayak fishing in cold water and weather now has a kayak that offers both much more stability than the other kayak types can, as well as better protection.
This magazine, Kayak Fishing Unlimited, has a permanent section dedicated to Kayak Fishing in the Midwest. This section features trip reports and fishing kayak reviews from Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio, as well as reviews of rigged fishing kayaks, and even some information about hunting from kayaks, and stories about motorized fishing kayaks.