Texan Fishing Kayak Rigging

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A pivoting depth finder, and a DIY transom mount for his electric trolling motor that looks sufficiently strong enough to fit an outboard gas engine:

pivoting depth finder for fishing kayak - Texas

DIY transom mount for electric trolling motor, Texas

DIY transom mount for electric trolling motor - Texas

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Kayak Fishing in the Northeastern United States

The Northeastern region of the United States offers both freshwater and saltwater opportunities, and it’s considered one of the best regions in the world as far as fishing is concerned. But since the northeastern climate is colder for the most part, it’s not as good for kayak fishing as the climate in the south. Therefore, you’d find less kayak anglers in this region.

When fishing out of W kayaks is concerned, many anglers in the Northeast have been switching from canoes, common fishing kayaks, and motorboats to this new type of kayak that offers more advantages than any of this watercraft, both inland and offshore.

This online magazine features a special section dedicated to kayak fishing in the Northeast, which includes numerous trip reports, reviews, pictures and movies, rigging tips, and more, from the region’s finest kayak anglers.

Kayak Fishing In The Midwest – A Breakthrough

So far, Midwestern anglers have been reluctant to adopt kayaks as a fishing platform. The reasons for this are many, and they all seem to come down to one word – COLD.
Yes, the climate in the Midwest is not as warm and nice as it is in the southern states, where kayak fishing is the most popular, and sit-in, SOT and hybrid kayaks don’t offer much to protect their passengers from capsizing, or from cold weather and water.
But kayak fishing in cold water and weather now has a kayak that offers both much more stability than the other kayak types can, as well as better protection.
This magazine, Kayak Fishing Unlimited, has a permanent section dedicated to Kayak Fishing in the Midwest. This section features trip reports and fishing kayak reviews from Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio, as well as reviews of rigged fishing kayaks, and even some information about hunting from kayaks, and stories about motorized fishing kayaks.

Outfitting Your Fishing Kayak With A Crate – Pros and Cons

Like most kayak anglers out there, you must be thinking about outfitting your fishing kayak with a crate, since all kayaks out there except the W500 don’t offer enough storage space on board. The lack of sufficient storage is what drives people who fish out of kayaks to outfit them with crates, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need one too.
A crate on your fishing kayak can be problematic in more than one way, and you should study this subject carefully.

Outriggers Can Stabilize Your Fishing Kayak, But They’re A Pain

You naturally want your fishing kayak to be as stable as possible, because you want to feel comfortable sitting in it, and not have to worry about it flipping it over. Furthermore, you want to be able to stand up in it in full confidence, for paddling as well as for fishing, and no sit-in or SOT kayak out there can offer that in real life, no matter what vendors say, and try to show….

Outfitting your kayak with outriggers may help in achieving better stability, but at a price –
First, you need to understand what makes a fishing kayak stable (or unstable), and then what adding outriggers (a.k.a. stabilizers) to your fishing kayak can achieve >>